Meet Tracie

Meet Tracie

Hi, I’m Tracie Kesatie,

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®, founder of Rest Well Baby, mother of four, and yes, sleepless-nights ‘survivor’…

Helping your child get the rest they need isn’t a nameless, faceless mission for me. My journey with gentle sleep coaching started with my first baby. He was fussy and inconsolable, “Are all babies like this?!”

I was the frazzled, bleary-eyed new mama reading every book I could find on sleep training. Expert after expert gave conflicting answers. Surely, there had to be a better way.

Now, close to twenty years later, I’m a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, and all four of my kids are well-rested and thriving!

I get to work with families from all walks of life. I get to co-create personalized, adaptive sleep plans that work for your family.

Most importantly, I get to see the look in parents’ and caregivers’ eyes when their child gets restful sleep. I’m the sleep coaching expert I wish I had when my children were younger.

Pediatric, Psychology, and Parenting Experts Trust Me

Since launching Rest Well Baby over 9 years ago, I’ve spoken to audiences of sleep-starved parents and caregivers on media outlets, podcasts, and publications, such as:

My Education and Certifications

  • Certified Gentle Sleep Coach® by The Gentle Sleep Coach Program. This is the most extensive professional sleep coach training and certification program available. The program scope involves case supervision, an exam, and over 80 hours of training with a faculty panel that includes two medical doctors, a psychologist, an attorney, a lactation counselor, postpartum doulas, and a family therapist.

  • Graduate of Working with Children 6-10 years of age Masterclass

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston University

  • Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from California State University

  • Graduate of The Infant Mental Health and Development Foundation Program from The Wonder Weeks Academy

  • Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

  • Postpartum Depression training Dr. Shoshana Bennett, author and leading specialist on Postpartum Depression

  • Medical Conditions and Sleep Apnea in Children training led by Dr. Lewis Kass, Director of Children’s Sleep Center

  • GURD and Sleep training led by Dr. Anthony Loizides, pediatric gastroenterologist

Imagine What a Good Night’s Rest Could Do for Your Child and Your Family…

You read this far for a reason. You want to know if I have what it takes to give you and your child the sleep tools you need to enjoy real rest. I’m glad you’re here.

By now, you’ve seen I have the education, expertise, and experience to make that possible. Take the first step by scheduling a Sweet Dreams Starter Call.

This a no-judgment, compassionate conversation where we will:

  • Start identifying the Sleep Stealers that are disrupting your child’s rest.

  • See where Sleep Stress is affecting your child and your family.

  • What truly restful sleep can mean for your child and your family. I call these your Sweet Dreams.

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